Ready To Race The Droids!

We here at College Street are excited. We are gearing up for the 8th annual Pineapple Races on May 4th! The races are Star Wars themed this year, (obviously- May the 4th be with you..) The races will be held at State Beach, and we would love to have your support out there! A couple of us had practice last week, and I gotta tell ya, it was a lot of fun! None of us in the brewery have ever paddled an outrigger before, and it’s definitely an addicting hobby! And our trainers said we were good! Like, we might actually have a shot at winning! Pretty spectacular! Come on down to cheer us on- event starts at 4:30. We will be your favorite team, The Blue Vando Calrissians!

See Ya Tomorrow!!!

And As Chewie always says:

Getting Myself Into Trouble

Hello you handsome little devil..

Hello you handsome little devil..

This was the first picture I saw of him. His caption read, “Hello, my name is Trouble, I’m 11 and was surrendered to the humane society because my owner died.” That’s all I needed to hear. Friends said “don’t do it! You have enough dogs!” But love truly is blind, and slightly deaf too.


So here’s a little backstory on me. I love dogs. Like, really really love dogs. They’ve been in my life since I can remember. I remember getting into trouble as a little girl for running up to strange dogs and trying to make friends with them. When I was 7 I wanted to grow up to be a dog groomer. (Which, to be honest, still sounds fun.)


Me and Doug the Thug-Pug

Me and Doug the Thug-Pug

My first dog that ever claimed me was a little fat pug named Connie. My dad discovered her on a rescue site and surprised me with her for my 23rd birthday. She was my daughter. We were inseparable. She was adopted when she was 5, and we only had 7 sweet short years together. I was devastated and heartbroken when Connie passed. Then about 3 weeks later I get a note from an old friend. “There’s a pug at the humane society! Are you ready for another one? He’s a lonely stray and he’s about 9 years old.” I was always ready for more dogs, but could I handle saying goodbye to another senior dog in a few short years? I took a night to mull it over. The next day I went to go meet this stray, and didn’t leave until he was in my custody.


So that’s how I became Doug’s mom. After Doug came Olive, my rambunctious 3-year-old pug- another gift from my animal-loving father. Olive is like a little toddler that’s high on caffeine all the time. She’s also the funniest dog you have ever met. I always say pugs have their own language, you just have to understand the translation.

Best Friends

Best Friends


3 years ago my dad retired and moved to Mexico. (Must be nice, right?) I told him he couldn’t take his wiener dog, Casey. Olive and Casey are best friends and they need each other. Dad agreed. So that’s how I came to have 3 dogs.

Then Tuesday rolled around, and this little 11-year-old wiener dog popped up on my Facebook news feed. I knew he would fit right in to my motley crew of adopted and rescued crazies. I knew in my heart the best way to honor my Connie’s memory would be to save as many senior dogs as I could. We needed each other. We deserved each other.


I went in the very next day to meet him. And then he met Doug, and then he came home with us. A lady on Facebook that also saw this poor dogs plight sponsored his adoption fee. All signs pointed to YES for this little guy. Mr. Trouble is warming up to his new home nicely, I’d say. He adores my 10 year old son, and they are already the best of friends.


trouble bed.jpg

So that’s how I came to have 4 dogs. And now my life is complete and my heart is so full.

Now go rescue some senior dogs! The Western Arizona Humane Society would really appreciate it!

- Becca






Do You Know What Day It Is??

It's National Beer Day!! Come down to College Street and belly up for some good brews! We know you didn't really need a reason to drink beer, but now that you have one, let's celebrate!! We will be open till 9 tonight, so make sure to come in and have a beer with us. After all, aren't we obligated to keep this Nation's ridiculous, inane holidays sovereign? 

Springtime at College Street!

Hi Guys!

Here in Sunny Lake Havasu we might be inclined to think that its Springtime about 50% of the year! It's hard for us to believe that the first day of Spring was March 20th, considering we've already had temperatures in the 90's! 

We here at the brewery like to spend the warmer days and longer nights probably the same way you do- with a refreshing craft beer or two! The awesome people over at Thrillist have put together a list of the best Springtime beers in Arizona, and wouldn't you know, College Street made the list! Our V. Beauregarde sour ale is picking up speed with Arizonans, and garnering attention throughout the state already! If you have yet to try it, come in to College Street and find out what you're missing! Its a tart, sassy, unfiltered blueberry sour that will whet your whistle and pucker your lips! 

Check out the link below to see the rest of the best Springtime Arizona Beers!

Have a great day everyone! "Rest well and Dream of Large Women"- 




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