Pirate" John Hughes     owner

In true pirate fashion his passions are: “Beer, Boats, Babes” - and not necessarily in that order.

On one of his many trips to Key West, John garnered the nickname that has stuck with him through the years - “Pirate” John. Back then he was a hippie, and in Key West, hippies are considered Pirates. John’s no stranger to the open waters, as he’s traveled most of the world working at the helm, as Captain on charter or fishing boats; primarily from Alaska to Key West ports.

John began visiting Lake Havasu about 12 years ago while on a whim traveling through and fell in love with the town and the beer.

Stephanie Jarvis Stephanie Jarvis     General Manager

Stephanie is our General manager. She has been with us since 2012, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her! She is always happy. And she has the best dance moves anyone has ever seen. If the radio plays anything that sounds even slightly similar to an 80’s rock ballad, she’s up on her feet and a dance party has started! And don’t even get her started on Motley Crüe- Stephanie is their number 1 fan- I heard she even won a Motley Crüe sudden death ultimate obscure trivia contest once.

Since becoming a new mother in the past 4 months, some of Steph’s current hobbies include sleepless nights, being thrown up on, and watching a lot of Real Housewives. She also does a pretty good job of paying our bills and making sure our paychecks arrive on time.

Gary Chacon     Head Chef

Dena Nielsen     Restaurant Manager & Events

Kevin Flacy     Bar Manager

BECCA CARPITA     Office Manager

The first thing she does every morning is brush her teeth and sharpen her tongue. Once she pulls on her pink boots- look out world! Becca adds a certain something to the brewery that was never there before, although we wouldn’t quite call it the classic ‘feminine touch.’ She’s usually readily available with a “that’s what she said” joke- or something as equally inappropriate. She also makes sure everything in the brewery is running smoothly so the awesome brewers can brew some awesome beer.

Aside from making dirty jokes, Becca also enjoys spending time with her son (who’s also pretty hilarious- takes after his mom), playing with her 3 dogs (2 pugs and a wiener dog), or going down to the beach for some pretty intense beach badminton tourneys. She also loves positive people and- as she puts it- “ain’t got time for the haterz.”